Furniture design – just like web design – it’s rarely noticed except when it’s wrong

Many men are simply not aware of the design of the furniture in their homes. However I have found most people are able to see either when the furniture design of a home complements its aesthetics and also when it looks absolutely drab.

When I was young I was living in a squallow house – it was packed with many other guys – we used to have a good time but everything was ripped. Many people weren’t clean but let me tell you – the couch was comfortable and if you were lucky you got to sit on it instead of the crates on the floor.

Because our lives are so hectic – what do we care about furniture design?

If it feels good – let’s sit on it.

However we seldom appreciate how the little things can impact us.

Let me give you an example from some police files.

The police had the idea of reducing crime by fining neighbourhooods for broken windows – and to be specific very troubling neighborhoods with much crime.

There was so much crime in fact that police simply didn’t have time to fine houses for the smallest items.

However the police chief believed that if the little things were attended to it would have a big impact.

And it did.

The point I’m trying to make is it’s difficult to understand the effect of furniture design – and how your home is laid out to your soul – if you are rushing from job to job and trying to make ends meet furniture design will not play a big part in your life.

However once you are looking for serenity and peace in your life you will hire an interior decorator and will want your home to be a reflection of you.

So where does this lead in the sense of digital design?

We believe – as users – that we are after information. Whatever that may be. Design is only there to serve the information up.

However my belief is that along with the actual site contents the way the site is laid out makes an impression on the client.

Take a look at a specialised WordPress developer in Sydney called Head Studios. Here – if you go to the front page you are immediately greeted with the face of my friend Kosta who has recently moved to Byron Bay.

What kind of effect does that have – the decision to place a large photo of the person’s face? Well who do you do business with? Websites or people? Kosta has made the decision to place his photo right on the home page – and this is a design idea that makes people feel welcome.

He could just as easily have placed a stock photo on the website – but now he is differentiated and just like the nice furniture you see when you step into a beautifully designed home – memorable.

My blog and the contents I will write from this point will be about my passion for furniture design and fine looking websites that I discover – and linking these two concepts together. My hope is that my unique take on life, furniture and websites will be of interest to some corners of the internet and I hope you enjoy.

Oh and here is Ben Cooper finishing his course at TAFE, good on ya Benny